Out of State E508 Help

You received a DWI in North Carolina and live in a different state?  
You now have a hold on your license until you resolve this issue with North Carolina?
We can help!

In order to get your license back, you must complete a substance abuse assessment, and recommended education or treatment. If you complete a substance abuse assessment and the required substance abuse education or treatment outside of North Carolina, you must use a North Carolina DWI services provider to review and approve it. So that you will be clear as to what North Carolina’s requirements are, call us to begin your services.

Carolina DWI is an authorized North Carolina DWI provider and will complete the review, process the information, and complete a Certificate of Completion (e-508 form) in order to resolve the outstanding DWI offense on your North Carolina record. You will receive a copy of the Certificate of Completion from us to keep for your records.

5 Easy Steps


Click on the "Forms" button below and complete all of the information you know. Don't worry if you do not know everything, we can help you. Please just provide what you can. Once we recieve your online form, our Out-of-State specialist will contact you at the phone number which you provide and talk through the process with you.



Pay your fees.​​​​​
You will submit a one time DWI Out of State Review Fee to us (Carolina Services) for $150.00 for each 508 form.

You must also contact the North Carolina DMV and pay the reinstatement fee if you have not already. We can't do this for you. You can also call Moneygram.com to pay your fees.  Use the code 18857.  Be sure to add your drivers license number or customer number to your payment along with your full name and date of birth.  This is required even if you do not want a license in North Carolina.  If you held a NC drivers License and failed to surrender it at court, you may be required to pay an additional fee of $50.   You must send the check or money order directly to the DMV at the following address:

N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles
Fiscal Unit
P.O. Box 29615
Raleigh, NC 27626-0615​

*There are online providers that will charge you a large fee to collect your money and deliver it to the DMV for you, we advise against this.​​  For more information visit the NC
 DMV website


Have your assessment and complete your minimum required education or treatment. Please print this letter to take with you.  It will help navigate the process and ensure you meet the minimum requirements. FACILITY LETTER ​​​​​​​
Click HERE to go to a website that will help you find an agency in your area that will offer the services you need.  When at your appointment if your counselor has any questions regarding the state minimums we will be glad to consult with them free of charge to assist with the best outcomes.  Be sure to add Carolina DWI Services on your consent to share or release information.


Once your assessment and your required education or treatment are complete, we need proof. Please fax proof of completion to 855-537-0363. This should include a full copy of your assessment (including assessment date, finding, and recommendation for education or treatment.) As well as your certificate of completion (including your treatment start date and end date.)  


Obtain a driving record from the DMV in the state in which you currently live. Click here to find your DMV.  Some states allow you to get a driving record electronically off their website. Others require you to request it by mail or at one of their offices. Once you have your driving record please fax it to 855-537-0363. For email options, call us.

We will get your North Carolina Driving Record. Please click here:  
NCDMV Form DPPA-2   print and fill out this NCDMV form and fax it to us.  We will pay the $10.00 fee for you! 

​​​​​​​​​Happy Dance!
Once we have received all of the required information we will submit your E-508 to the state.  The state will take 3 to 14 days to process the forms.  Once the forms are processed and approved by the NCDMV your hold will be lifted in North Carolina and the dancing begins! We will send you copies of the forms for your records.  We will store these records for 11 years on your behalf.
It is our pleasure to help you.